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Alibaba.com and Wise Success Thailand:
Helping Thai SMEs Grow with E-Commerce

Alibaba.com (www.alibaba.com), the leading global e-commerce platform for small businesses, is pleased to announce our partnership with Wise Success (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Together, we will better serve our Thai customers through education, better understanding and better satisfying international buyer requirements. Together, we've created a unique and exciting training course aimed at helping Thai exporters market their products to e-commerce global buyers.

About Wise Success (Thailand)

Wise Success (Thailand) is based in Bangkok and was founded in early of year 2007. The company's core business is to provide comprehensive training programs on both general computer knowledge and e-Commerce business knowledge.The training courses are provided by experienced industry specialists, combined with continuing support after training to ensure that all students can make the best use of received knowledge. Wise Success (Thailand) is proud to be Alibaba.com certified training center in Thailand.

What is 'Alibaba.com E-Commerce Course' training program?

In Wise Success (Thailand) Bangkok training center, we provide ‘Alibaba.com E-commerce Course’ training program, focusing on the most effective tactics for communicating with buyers, effective solutions for international trading, and making the best use of Alibaba.com's special trade tools. Fully interactive, the course is delivered by industry experts to guarantee you receive undivided attention tailored to your needs.
The training will bring you in-depth knowledge of how to maximize the benefits of the leading global B2B platform, and sell your products to a global audience.

  • create professional bannersHow to create professional looking banners and optimize your profile to increase the quality of inquiries and your ranking.
  • product descriptionsLearn how to create effective product descriptions to reduce buyer confusion and improve conversions.
  • Manage RFQsActively learn how to respond to inquiries and finalize the sale quickly and more efficiently.
  • improve your rankingHow to improve your ranking so more people can see your products.

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