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Alibaba.com & Web Courses Bangkok Training Center Grand Opening
[8 Nov 2012 Bangkok]

On Nov 8th 2012, Alibaba.com and Web Courses Bangkok celebrated the Grand Opening of Alibaba.com's first ever licensed training center outside of China.

Our Local Partner: Web Courses Bangkok

To address the e-commerce education gap in Thailand, Alibaba.com is teaming up with Thailand's leading web and graphic design training center, Web Courses Bangkok, led by UK-born Carl Heaton, the center's managing director. Having previously worked as a web design consultant for the United Nations and the Royal Thai Government, Heaton began the center in 2008 when he saw a need for more internationally competitive web designers.

How We're Cooperating:

The course curriculum aims to educate Thai small business owners on ways they can improve their export businesses on the Alibaba.com platform.
This is the country's first official Alibaba.com training course and is the only official program made especially for Thai entrepreneurs and businesses – with all the latest information about the Alibaba.com platform and its marketing tools.

The course can be completed in a day and costs less than US $80. Entrepreneurs in Thailand looking to take part in the program can learn more here.

Alibaba.com and Web Courses Bangkok prepare for the event


Alibaba.com Director of Global Supplier Development Judy Cheng welcomes Thai entrepreneurs and media


Alibaba.com Marketing Manager Rachel Wu shares Thailand's e-commerce statistics


Web Courses Bangkok Managing Director Carl Heaton talks to the audience


Attendees listening to an introduction of the course curriculum


Thai entrepreneurs and exporters asked questions of Alibaba.com & Web Courses staff

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