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Getting Started as a Buyer: FAQ

How can I post a sourcing request on Alibaba.com? You have two ways to post your sourcing request on Alibaba.com: post a Buying Request or use the Customized Sourcing service.

What are Buying Requests? Buying Requests are wanted ads or purchase requests posted online by buyers.
How to post?   1)  Sign in at My Alibaba at http://us.my.alibaba.com/
  2)  Click Post a New Buying Request in the Buying section
  3)  Complete the simple form including all the important information
How to edit?   1)  Sign in at My Alibaba at http://us.my.alibaba.com/
  2)  Click Manage Buying Request for Product Info in the Buying section
  3)  Find the Buying Request you want to edit and click Edit
  4)  Click Submit after you have edited your Buying Request

What is Customized Sourcing? Customized Sourcing is a service on Alibaba.com where we match buyers' detailed Request for Quotations (RFQs) with the right suppliers.
Who can use Customized Sourcing? All buyers who are registered Alibaba.com Members can submit RFQs and receive up to 10 quotes from quality suppliers for free. Not yet a Member? Join FREE now! Who are the Industry Specialists? Industry Specialists hail from a range of industries and possess at least 5 years of real business experience in exporting out of China.

How do I know if a supplier is reliable? The best way to reduce fraud when trading either online or offline, is for buyers and sellers to conduct proper due-diligence before entering into any transaction. None of the suppliers on Alibaba.com are guaranteed to be honest, so it is important to conduct proper research before commencing business. Tips on verifying your supplier:

1)  Verify the supplier's identity. For Gold Suppliers, you can refer to their Trustpass Profile on their Alibaba.com Company Website for their A&V Check or Onsite Check information. You should also use other offline/online methods to verify the supplier.
2)  Verify the supplier's manufacturing/trading capability. You can also refer to the supplier’s Audit Reports (if available) for an independent onsite report of their manufacturing/trading capability. Verify the supplier's financial credit worthiness. Ask the supplier for reference letters from their bank.
3)  Order a sample first to check the quality and to ensure that the product is what you are looking for. If the product you are ordering is too large to get samples, we suggest asking the supplier’s previous customers for reference.
4)  Search for complaints or comments records on the Internet.
5)  Confirm the supplier's authorized signatory. Try to use AliExpress or other Escrow support websites or to use L/C.
6)  Look for Gold Suppliers that are long-term members of Alibaba.com. While Gold Supplier membership is not a guarantee of safety, Gold Suppliers have passed an A&V process that increases the chances of a safe and positive trading experience. If a member has been a Gold Supplier for several years, then they are potentially an even better trading partner as they have a long history on our site. While we have many reliable, safe and high quality Free Members, you should always be extra careful in trading with them, as they have not been through the A&V process or verified in any way by Alibaba.com
7)  For AliExpress suppliers and some suppliers on Alibaba.com, Escrow payment is available. This protects your payment until you have confirmed receipt of the goods. If available, always use this payment option for security. Always be cautious of using untraceable wire service transfers with suppliers you do not know. These are highly risky and susceptible to fraud.

How can I get an accurate quote from a supplier? To get an accurate quote, include detailed info in your inquiries or buying requests such as:
1)  Company Profile Write a brief introduction such as your contact info, company background, main products, etc.
2)  Quantity Required Specify your minimum order quantity
3)  Payment Terms Include your payment terms such as AliExpress, Escrow, PayPal, L/C, T/T, etc.
4)  Shipping Terms Indicate your shipping terms such as FOB, CIF, etc.
5)  Special Requirements Provide additional info such as material, price range, technical drawings, etc.

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Customized Sourcing is a service on Alibaba.com where we match buyers' detailed Request for Quotations(RFQs) with the right supplier.
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