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Getting Started as a Seller: FAQ

How to sell your products on Alibaba.com Step 1 Join Alibaba.com, You can register for free on Alibaba.com
Step 2 Get a website, Post your company profile to get a free website
Step 3 Display products, You can upload up to 50 products free of charge

How to get buyers from Alibaba.com 1)  Make your products known to serious buyers; you need to post high quality products with nice photos.
2)  Send offers to buyers who have posted buying leads; you need to check buying leads frequently.
3)  Stay online so that buyers can talk to you directly; you need to download Trade Manager.

How to search for buyers Most buyers would like to search for products and suppliers without telling Alibaba.com or anyone else. But some buyers (less than 15%) choose to post some buying leads for the products they want to purchase. So you need to understand how to check buying leads.

How to send quotations/offers to buyers Search buyers at http://importer.alibaba.com/ and can click to send your quotation. After you receive some inquiries from potential buyers, you can also reply to their inquiries directly.

Where can I find a buyer’s email address? May I email them directly? We do not display our members' email addresses on Alibaba.com. This minimizes the risk of our members receiving spam or viruses. So you can only contact buyers thru Alibaba.com. Only our verified members can check buyer email addresses and send emails to them.

Why haven’t I received good inquiries on Alibaba.com? A lack of responses to your selling information on Alibaba.com may be due to different factors. Please check the following tips to improve your feedback:

  • Have you provided enough product details? Most buyers choose suppliers who provide lots of details about the product on offer
  • Regularly update your posted Selling Leads to keep your information at the top of buyer searches
  • Most buyers prefer to trade with verified Gold Suppliers. To build trust with buyers faster, upgrade to Premium Membership.

Find more information about Premium Alibaba.com Membership at the following link: http://ggs.alibaba.com/

Is there a free email service that delivers personalized trade offers and opportunities from Alibaba.com? Yes. Trade Alert is a free customized email that delivers personalized trade offers and opportunities, such as product, supplier, and buyer information direct to your email inbox.
You can subscribe to Trade Alert and get the following:
  • Get the most current product information matching your requests
  • Meet new buyers and suppliers dealing in similar products
  • Access the latest trade opportunities
  • Keep tabs on your industry and your competition.

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Updated 2 April 2013
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How to Sell on Alibaba.com
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