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'How to work at Alibaba.com' Workshop in Bangkok: Alibaba.com Training for Thai Members
[27 May 2013 Bangkok]

Workshop Overview

On the afternoon of 27 May 2013, Alibaba.com hands-on e-commerce training was held at Bangkok Bank headquarter in downtown Bangkok, to share the knowledge of e-commerce, industry focused market information, and tips on how to post product, how to effectively communicate with international buyers, etc.

Alibaba.com's Opening Address:

Senior instructors Mr. Carl Heaton and Mr. Peter Gregory who were invited by Alibaba.com began the workshop by talking about how important e-commerce is to international trade in the modern world and what specific opportunities for Thai SMEs in using Alibaba.com platform to export to foreign markets.

Alibaba.com Tips to Use Platform:

The sharing began with Mr. Carl Heaton about how to post high quality product to attract buyers on Alibaba.com; he also highlighted that the more products are posted, the higher possibility of exposure it will be at Alibaba.com. Mr. Peter Gregory analyzed how to evaluate inquires and how to reply buyers inquires in a professional way.

Financial Advice from Bangkok Bank:

SMEs are struggling with a major problem when doing exports, which is financing. How can these businesses secure the money they need to get going? Bangkok Bank financial advisor discussed this issue and introduced different types of payment service to manage risk of international transactions.

Highlights of workshop

Alibaba.com's Manager of Global Market Development Rachel Wu gave a speech focusing on Jewelry Industry Trend on Alibaba.com, which increased confidence of Thai jewelry suppliers to promote their products on Alibaba.com.

Small group workshop gives attendees much more opportunities to exchange their opinions with speakers to make the conversation more interactive and in-depth.

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