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Alibaba.com & Web Courses Bangkok:
Preparing Thai Businesses for Global Growth

Alibaba.com is teaming up with Web Courses Bangkok, one of Thailand’s leading e-commerce training centers, to better serve and educate our Thai customers. Together we’ve created a unique and exciting training course aimed at helping Thai exporters market their products to global buyers more effectively.

What is the Training Course?

The six hour-long courses is delivered by industry experts to small groups in an interactive format to guarantee you receive special attention according to your needs! The course will teach you and your staff how to maximize the benefits of the biggest B2B platform in the world.

  • create professional bannersHow to create professional looking banners and optimise your profile to increase the quality of enquiries and your ranking.
  • product descriptionsLearn how to create effective product descriptions to reduce buyer confusion and improve conversions.
  • Manage RFQsActively learn how to respond to enquiries and finalise the sale quickly and more efficiently.
  • improve your rankingHow to improve your ranking. Eight Alibaba.com confirmed methods of rising up in the rankings so more people see your products.

About Web Courses Bangkok:

Web Courses is based in Bangkok and a leading provider of web, graphic design, ecommerce and digital photography courses. Web Courses is proud to be the first ever officially licensed Alibaba.com training center.

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Success Story

Mr. Dennis Wisser NANGFA Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Industry: Gifts&Crafts
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