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SMEs Plus Magazine profiles 2 of Alibaba.com's Thai Suppliers
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Many SMEs have achieved success through e-commerce, especially when it comes to selling internationally. Rattapanee Jewelry Co. Ltd (RTP), a jewelry manufacturer from Thailand which began selling internationally a few years ago on Alibaba.com, is one example. Ms. Issara, Director of Marketing at RTP Jewelry, manages the company's online strategy; Issara felt the choice to start selling online was an obvious one: "We believe the online world has built a significant share of the market in recent years. Rattapanee saw potential for the brand to expand internationally and the easiest and cheapest way to approach the international market was e-commerce.". The company joined Alibaba.com's premium membership for B2B suppliers, Gold Supplier, in 2008. Issara believed that being a Gold Supplier would build more credibility with customers, "As a gold supplier member, Alibaba.com has increased our credibility with customers. It also scans our customers' information for us, which is very useful."

Another e-commerce success story from Thailand is Nang Inter Co. Ltd, a tropical fruit exporter. Nang Inter Co.'s president, Thanisorn Ungpakorn, first discovered Alibaba.com a few years ago. He started as a free member, but moved up to Gold Supplier when he became comfortable with the popular B2B platform. He has received serious inquiries from countries all over the world, including Australia, China, a variety of European countries, and the Middle East. Thanisorn has more customers from the Middle East than any other region due to the region's climate, which renders it unable to produce the fruits Nang Inter Co. sells. Thanisorn believes that credibility is the key to generating success online, as customers are not able to see products in person and need to feel comfortable trusting suppliers. Thanisorn says that the authentication and verification provided by Alibaba.com was key for establishing the credibility of his business.

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