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Alibaba.com @ Thaitrade.com Grand Opening
[16 Sep 2011 Bangkok]

Overview of Grand Opening

On Sep 16, Thailand's Department of Export Promotion (DEP) hosted the Grand Opening of its new B2B e-marketplace, www.thaitrade.com. Alibaba.com was invited to participate in the opening and address attendees during the "Decoding the E-Marketplace" discussion. It was a great opportunity to introduce the Alibaba.com platform to Thai SMEs and demonstrate our value as a world class e-marketplace.[Download PDF]

Alibaba.com Booth Activity

The Alibaba.com booth was the center of much activity in the afternoon. Thai exporters came to collect our handy orange bags, information brochures, DVDs and novelty Alibaba.com portable USB memory cards. Members of the Global Market Development team helped answer questions from both existing customers and potential new members, explaining the value of selling on Alibaba.com and the services it offers.[Download PDF]

Panel Discussion

In order to give the audience a clearer picture of the e-commerce ecosystem and the future of B2B, Alibaba.com's Vice President of Global Sales & Service Brian Wong joined representatives of HKTDC and Rakuten in responding to the following prompts:

  • An overview of B2B e-commerce now and future trends
  • An explanation of the platform's functions and benefits
  • Success stories of Thai members
[Download PDF]

Highlights from Alibaba.com's Speech

Brian focused his remarks on the future of e-commerce, the unique benefits of Alibaba.com and what Thai suppliers can do to succeed, arguing that in a hyper-connected world, businesses must go online for growth and vitality.
It was an honor to meet so many Thai Exporters and SME representatives who are eager about using the internet to grow their businesses. We are excited both for the potential of Thaitrade.com as a platform for quality Thai suppliers and our own role in continuing to help SMEs grow.
[Download PDF]


Alibaba.com's booth ready to serve Thai attendees


Alibaba.com's Vice President of Global Sales & Service talks with the IT Director of DEP


Featured Speakers from Thaitrade.com, Alibaba.com, HKTDC and Rakuten


Hundreds of small business representatives attended the event


Alibaba.com staff meets with a Thai Jewelry exporter


People gather beneath chandeliers for the Thaitrade.com Grand Opening at the Kempinski Hotel


Thai business people fill out surveys at the Alibaba.com booth


Thai exporters discuss e-commerce with Alibaba.com staff

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