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What is Customized Sourcing

Customized Sourcing is a service on Alibaba.com where we match buyer's detailed Request for Quotations (RFQs) with the right suppliers. All RFQs and quotations are inspected and approved by our Industry Specialists before being sent to the buyer/supplier.

This is one of many newly added features to the Gold Supplier Membership. Industry Specialists will receive Request for Quotations (RFQ) from international buyers for a certain product. Each RQF will be reviewed and only the highest quality RFQs will be sent to Gold Suppliers.

How can Customized Sourcing benefit you?

Contact quality buyers
  a. Receive high-quality inquiries selected by our industry specialists
  b. Buyers will be verified by email and telephone
Less competition
  a. 10% of the 6000 RFQs received each week get very few or no quotations
  b. Only Gold Suppliers who have no record of negative feedback are qualified to get RFQs
Better opportunities, higher success rates
  a. Gold suppliers are 6 times more likely to close a deal by responding to an RFQ than a normal inquiry
  b. Industry Specialists give professional guidance on how to respond to RFQs to maximize Gold Suppliers' chances of closing deals
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Updated 2 April 2013
Customized Sourcing is a service on Alibaba.com where we match buyers' detailed Request for Quotations(RFQs) with the right supplier.
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